Cody & Sarah Hess

 "Amber  has been fantastic to work with. She was available any day and time by  text or call. She made the process of selling our home stress free! She  had a lot of knowledge and helped us with questions we had during the  process. We couldn't have asked for a smoother process and would  recommend Amber to anyone selling or buying a home."

Ryan & Christa Van De Weg

"We  really appreciate your communication, knowledge, and industry partners  particularly early in the process when a lot of things had to happen  quickly.  Thanks for helping us get a house we are all very excited to  move into." 

Adam & Anisa Vaughn

"As  first time home buyers we had no clue what we had to do or about what  we were about to get into. Amber was there to answer all the questions  we had. She was willing to go out of her way to make sure we got the  house we loved and one we could afford."

Fredd Schott

"Amber  did a great job. She explained everything very well, kept me updated,  and walked me through every step. She communicates very well and all the  time. She did a good job."

Nathan & Mindy Coates

"Everything went amazing. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Amber sold our house in 2 hours."

"Amber did a fine job with the purchase of our new home."

Brad & Kendra Steffen

"This  is our 4th transaction with Amber. We sold two homes with her, and we  bought two homes with her. Each time went smoothly. She was quick to get  us showings, and treated us like family. She was honest and real as if  she was the one buying or selling the home herself. Both of our homes  were sold within the first week after they were listed. She is quick,  real and to the point while also being a great friend. She makes a  stressful process go smoothly and seem so easy. She is awesome and we  will definitely be using her again in the future!"

Tim Ramsey, President, Bi County Services

"Thank  you for the great job on quickly closing our house purchase. We were  under a tight deadline and you made sure we met our goal. You constantly  followed up and explained the requirements so everything went smoothly.  Again, great job!"

Jordyn Weaver

"Amber  came in a time I needed her. She was very professional and she didn't  mess around. She was very honest with everything. Any simplest question  she would answer. She would always respond no matter what time it was.  She would respond in a timely fashion. Amber was always on top of things  when she was helping me. She is an amazing realtor and I couldn't be  happier with the service she did!"

Rob James

"Amber  Coates was extremely patient and honest with my girlfriend and I during  the house hunting process. Amber was on top of things and eager to  fulfill our wants and needs. Communication between us was easy, precise,  and accurate. Amber is a very personable person and shows genuine  interest in finding us the best house possible. I will be highly  recommending her to friends and family in the future if the need should  arise."

Anthonie & Rissa

​"Thank you for all you have done for us!  You've been amazing, and so helpful to first time home buyers. You  answered all of our late night questions ASAP! When there was an issue,  you were right there to resolve it. You were also very friendly,  personable, and HONEST every step of the way! We would both highly  recommend you to others! If ever in the future we look for another home,  we're calling you! Thank you again!" 

The Cornett's

"Amber  has been nothing short of amazing to work with. She always kept in  contact and kept us up to date. My husband and I felt like we had known  her for years. She is personable and easy to relate to. Just a very  kind, pleasant and positive person to work with. She always assured me  that she would get it done and she did. Her aggression and eagerness to  sell really shows. Thank you so much Amber for all your hard work."

Elizabeth Vannette

​"I  was more than pleased with the service I received from Harvey and  Associates. Amber Coates more than exceeded my expectations. She went  above and beyond her responsibilities. She walked me through every  single step, and never made me feel bad even though I had no clue what I  was doing. To say that I appreciate her hard work would be an  understatement."

Alexis & Gabriel

​"We  would without a doubt recommend Amber to anyone we knew looking to buy a  home. From the very beginning she was super helpful. She was always  easy to contact when I had any questions and sh e always made sure  everything was going smoothly. Amber was always on top of things and  made sure things got done on her end in a timely manner so we could  close as fast as possible. We were first time home buyers and she made  this process easy. "

Andrea Cerami

"I appreciate how helpful and easy Amber made it to find and get my first  home. From walking me through the contract to referring me to good  professionals. It has all been super helpful. I have even recommended  Amber to someone else already."


​​​"I  highly recommend Amber as a realtor! She was right on the ball with  everything. I always got immediate responses from her with any questions  I had. She was always in contact with me, lending companies and all  parties involved. A+++++ "

Chris & Diane Zietvogel

"My  husband & I contacted Amber when we decided to buy a home. We have  her a general idea of what we were looking for, within a few days came  back with several listings. We viewed 2 homes and the 2nd one being the  one to shoot for. Amber is a great listener, a referee sometimes, and  excellent advocate when it came to making an offer. To sum it up, there  is no other one I would trust in the home buying or selling. Amber is  extremely smart, savvy, and talented. They don't get any better than  Amber Coates. She is forever our Realtor and friend for life."   

Michael Johnson

"Amber  was amazing to work with.  I went in to this whole process without a  clue as to what I was doing but Amber  was there for me every step of  the way.  No matter what questions I had she was always there to answer  them for me no matter what time of the day.  She would provide  consistent updates while searching for homes and was very aggressive  finding me what I wanted and really made my life much easier. She will  stop at nothing to find exactly the home you are looking for.  If you  are looking to buy your first home or even your 5th home, I would  definantly recommend Amber Coates.  You won't be disappointed!!  

Billie jo

"Amber  was great!  She helped me through the whole process of buying my new  home and selling my old house.  She was there for me through every  aspect along the way.  She's a go getter'!  She will get it done for  you!  She made me feel comfortable about buying my new house and selling  my old house.  I would definetly recommend Amber to anyone buying or  selling.  Thank you Amber!"


Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to "Amber  was very personable, always available and took the stress out of a very  difficult search. She explained things in ways that we, as first time  home buyers, were able to understand. We would definitely recommend  her!"

Tyler & Prayer Hirn

"You  will not find another realtor like Amber. She gets things done and  keeps you updated daily. She is very good at what she does and knows her  stuff. If you don't go with her you are missing out. She is seriously  one of a kind. You can't go wrong with this girl!"

Dennis & Angie Glant

"We  were very impressed with Amber!  She walked us through the home buying  process smoothly and kept us informed every step of the way.  We would  highly recommend her to anyone!"  

Matt & Rachelle

  Amber  was very proactive is finding the right buyer for our house. It wasn't  an easy house to sell but she continued to work hard for us and get us a  good deal. Amber was always honest and up front with us. We are glad to  have had Amber as out Realtor. We highly recommend her! 

Tina Baumgartner

 I personally would recommend Harvey & Associates Realty , as they  did an outstanding job in selling my home quickly.  Amber was purely  professional from start to finish and answered all questions         in a timely fashion.  I would recommend them to all my friends and family.   

Suzana Smith

 Amber did an outstanding job!  She helped me whenever I needed her at  all hours, whether it was through email, texting, or calling.  She made  it work me ME.  When is was convenient for ME.  She even         came by my home to pick up paperwork when I couldn't drop it off.  She is definitely 100% all about client service!  


 I found Amber to be quite helpful and attentive in the process of buying  my first house.  She is ambitious and continually worked to find a  house that suited both my needs and liking.  She showed         a true willingness to find the  perfect house.  I was glad to have Amber as my agent and would recommend  her to anyone looking to buy a house.  She strives to make her client  happy and has the experience and knowledge to fulfill that urge.  

Shayle Mann

 Amber  was awesome! I'm a first time home buyer and Amber worked well with me to get exactly what I wanted. Amber is a great negotiator. She  is very  easy going and didn't pressure me, she only guided and helped  me. Even  my Dad was impressed with Amber and the things she  accomplished for me 

David Hirn

 My  house had been for sale with another realtor for over 6 months and   seemed to be going nowhere. My son had dealt with Amber and said I   should give her a call. Amber knew of my house and had shown it. She  had  a few suggestions, painting and curtains along with a ceiling  repair.  At that time she said a high and low figure on what she thought  the  house could sell at. I took her advice and with her help, we  painted and  did her suggestions. Within the first few days of listing  my home with  Amber, we had an offer. She kept me informed and walked me  through the  process of selling a home. All has gone well and I'm very  pleased with  Amber and her efforts helping me sell my home. Thank you  Amber &  Harvey Realty! Thanks! 

Billy Jo

  Amber  did a very good job for me. She's a go getter' and gets the job  done.  She was there for me every step of the way. She sold my home very   quickly. Thank you so much Amber! 

The Barbarians

"10 Stars for Amber!"

Tony Girod

"Amber  Coates was amazing to work with. She was extremely flexible and worked  hard to close the deal on my commercial property. I highly recommend  this great agent! "

Dustin & Sarah Elzey​

"Amber  is a wonderful agent and we are so pleased with her services. She made  the entire process of buying our first home super easy and we highly  recommend her to anyone! "

Derek & Krystal Aby

"I  think that Amber is a great Realtor. My husband & I love her. She  got us the home that we wanted and even went for a lower price. Its like  she has a gift for getting what she asks for. Its great! She made sure  this whole process went smoothly for us. She was there every step of the  way, especially when I got nervous, which happened multiple times. She  would call and calm me down. She is definitely a Realtor that you want  on your side! We give her a 10/10. Awesome!"

Nickolas Hook

"I  was nervous to undertake the process of trying to sell my house. From  the very first call I made to Amber, she was exceptionally helpful every  step of the way. Her friendly attitude from that first call immediately  helped ease my nerves and let me know she would be somebody I could  easily go to with all my questions, even my fairly unintelligible ones.  Her professional experience helped me identify and prioritize the issues  my house had, what repairs I needed to focus on, and what I could do to  improve its marketability. Her local knowledge-base helped not only  with knowing the market my house was in but also when I needed  contractors for other services she had referrals for everything I  needed. Amber’s embrace of technology also helped make things just that  much easier for me. She kept me informed of every showing and status  update along the way with quick texts and digitally signing and sharing  documents as needed. And while the digital communication was very  convenient I never had any problem getting her on the phone when I did  need to talk. And even though I was quite unfamiliar with the  real-estate process and commonly didn’t know the questions I should have  been asking, Amber was already giving me the answers I needed. When an  offer was made she was sure to provide me with all the requirements of  it, what kind of profit I could actually expect, and where it would  leave me ensuring I wouldn’t be getting myself into trouble by accepting  something too low. Amber’s friendliness, knowledge, professionalism,  honesty, and communication all made what I had been dreading into something that my pessimistic mind now only fears has gone too easy."


​​​"I  highly recommend Amber as a realtor! She was right on the ball with  everything. I always got immediate responses from her with any questions  I had. She was always in contact with me, lending companies and all  parties involved. A+++++ "